What makes St. Margaret’s Cemetery the unique and special place it is are the services the cemetery provides, many in conjunction with the efforts of St. Margaret’s Church parish. These services provide a wonderful opportunity to remember and memorialize your loved one.


Annual Interment Remembrance

Many families often mark the anniversary of their loved one’s passing by visiting their grave and bringing flowers. In collaboration with the parish of St. Margaret’s Church, the church invites the cemetery families, regardless of denomination, to attend Sunday church services and worship as they remember your loved one in prayer on their anniversary date. The cemetery will extend an invitation to this memorial remembrance annually.


Memorial Services

Each year on the Saturday prior to Holy Week and Christmas, St. Margaret’s Church offers special holiday memorial services for the families and friends of loved ones buried in St. Margaret’s Cemetery. These popular and well-attended candlelight services provide a meaningful and spiritual opportunity to remember your loved ones during the hectic holidays.


 Christmas Grave Blankets and Easter Palm Crosses

As a convenience for our cemetery families, Christmas blankets and Easter palm crosses are available for purchase prior to the holidays, if requested. Whether you live locally or out of the area, you can be assured your loved one’s grave will be adorned in the holiday spirit. Placing of the blanket or cross is included in the purchase price.


Remembering Our Veterans

St. Margaret's Cemetery honors and recognizes those who served our country by placing American flags graveside each Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day.


The Tree of Life

Upon entering the front doors of St. Margaret’s Church, you will encounter a large, beautiful memorial. The Tree of Life is a simulated tree carved in walnut with three walnut branches and satin brass leaves. Lovingly handcrafted, the tree “leaves” and “rocks” can be engraved with the name of your loved one(s) along with a brief sentiment. Please visit the cemetery office for further details.