The cemetery is open daily for visiting between the hours of sunrise and sunset 365 days a year.


The cemetery provides complimentary green vases for flowers which are available in the brown box behind our red bulletin board. Each family is limited to using two (2) vases for their family’s grave.  As the flower cones are complimentary, we ask all families to be mindful of others and not to exceed the two vase per family limit to ensure there are enough vases for all. Cemetery vases are cemetery property and should not be removed from the premises. Please be aware there is a water spigot for your convenience at the cemetery entrance next to the bulletin board and in the rear of the cemetery behind the Cross in the middle of the cemetery. Please note the water spigots are turned on in April and turned off for the winter in late October or early November.

Fresh cut flowers may be placed on the graves at any time. The flowers’ cellophane wrap should be removed prior to placement. Permanent types of in-ground flower containers are not authorized and will be removed by cemetery personnel.


All florals must be placed in a cemetery vase and only set directly above the memorial marker. Florals are not permitted to be set at the grassy end of the plot. No flowers or other decorations are to be adhered to the memorial markers since they may cause permanent damage to them. 


As a courtesy to our families living out of area, the cemetery office is happy to place any florals delivered to the cemetery office. In order to do so, the office must be notified via email or telephone in advance about the delivery. The florist’s name, date and time of delivery, and plot location will need to be provided. 


Permanent plantings of flowers or shrubs are not permitted next to the memorial marker or anywhere on the grave. Families are not permitted to plant on cemetery property.


Arts & crafts items, balloons, baskets, bottles, crosses, glass jars, marbles, memorial objects, photographs, potted plants (unless in designated time periods) rocks, shells, statues, stickers, solar lights, stuffed animals, toys, and vigil candles (flame or solar). 



Potted mums up to 14-in. in diameter are permitted on the graves. If mums larger than 14-in. in diameter are left graveside, these mums will be removed by cemetery personnel. Potted mums can be left on the graves until prior to Thanksgiving.


Christmas décor in the form of a wreath or grave blanket may be set out after the Thanksgiving holiday and will be removed by Jan. 15, weather permitting. All Christmas décor must lie flat to the ground. Any décor that stands upright will be removed by cemetery personnel. This includes, but is not limited to, Christmas trees, large Christmas centerpieces and freestanding Christmas décor. Christmas grave blankets are available for sale through the cemetery office or may be purchased on own. 


Easter flowers, palm crosses and Easter potted plants are permitted for Eastertide and will be removed by the second Sunday after Easter, provided the Greek Orthodox Easter has been observed.


A maximum of two flags may be set at the memorial marker, one of which must be an American flag.


Food and beverages are not permitted on cemetery or church grounds, in the cemetery parking lot or left on cemetery graves. Glass bottles and vases left on the cemetery grounds pose a risk to all visitors. We also ask you to refrain from placing food waste from your vehicles in our disposal containers since the food waste attracts wildlife.

Alcohol is not permitted on the graves, memorial markers or anywhere in the cemetery.


No pets are permitted at any time on cemetery or church grounds.


The cemetery reserves the right to remove and dispose of any decoration or planting without notice when deemed inappropriate, out of season or otherwise not permitted in accordance with the rules and regulations stated above. The cemetery will always use best efforts in treating all families equally and with compassion. 

Please note the cemetery has wildlife on the property at times so we cannot be responsible for damaged florals. In addition, as we have many visitors, we cannot be responsible for items that are taken, damaged or disappear from the gravesite. 

Thank you for your cooperation in adhering to the above regulations so we may keep St. Margaret’s Cemetery a beautiful and dignified burial place for your loved ones.