Cemetery History

On November 15, 1963, the Episcopal Church of St. Margaret in Plainview, N.Y., was erected on 10.2 acres of land donated by Edwin P. Shattuck, a successful New York City lawyer and personal attorney to President Herbert Hoover.

In mid-1983, the church began extensive discussions about creating a Christian cemetery, a resting place for the faithful departed of all branches of Christ’s Church. Many hours of planning took place, approvals were secured and finally, the vision that was much talked about turned into a reality in June 1984 when St. Margaret's Cemetery was opened.

Today, the cemetery currently covers 1.5 acres and holds 1,600 plots (before adjacent land is developed). Its paths form the symbol so meaningful to all Christians - the Cross. Located in the center of the cemetery is a massive Celtic cross which acts as the cemetery’s focal point. A portion of the Cross’ base is devoted to the cemetery’s Columbarium.

Cemetery Office Hours are Tuesday-Friday (9:30 am - 3:15 pm) and Saturdays by appointment. (516) 692-5268.

We offer Christmas Blankets and Palm Crosses for purchase in the weeks before Christmas and Easter.