Highlights of the October 2018 Meeting


October 2018 Meeting

The Vestry is exploring a “Dining Side-by-Side”outreach program. This involves preparing food and bringing it to the seniors living in the Town of Oyster Bay housing located off Central Park Road in Plainview. We would not only prepare the food, but would mingle and eat with the guests for a side-by-side dinnertime experience. Then, any remaining food would be packaged up for the guests in attendance, giving them an additional meal or two to bring home. Parishioners are urged to consider becoming involved in this outreach ministry which may provide the only time some of these seniors actually get to dine with anyone week after week.

Bob Palmer presented information concerning the replacement of the Chair Lift in the Narthex. Thankfully, Bob has been researching this extensively as the existing chair lift is outdated and it’s very necessary that it is replaced.

Replacing the Steeple remains an open item, but it is not at all a forgotten project. It’s quite complicated and a meeting will be held shortly, in order to be able to make a presentation to all parishioners at the Annual Meeting on Dec. 2.




 (part of Aug. 18th Vestry Retreat)

  • The Welcome Back Dinner was discussed and Saturday, Sept. 8 was picked as the best date to have this as the Fall Fair is being held on Sept. 22.
  • In order to bring exposure to the surrounding communities concerning St. Margaret’s and its activities, the search for an appropriate double-sided LED sign will be stepped up.
  • The 2019 Stewardship Drivewill kick off in October.
  • Christine Kott is now officially the Cemetery Treasurer, having replaced Nancy Russo whohas retired after devoting many, many years of expert service in this capacity.
  • The search continues for a Cemetery Administrative Assistant, which is a part-time paid staff position. Resumes are being reviewed as they are received.
  • The need for establishing each month’s activity for the entire year was discussed. The plan is to decide on activities and dates for 2019, and have this information ready for publication in the January edition of The Message.




GARDEN OF EATIN’: Karen Hoenscheid reported that due to deer invading the garden and eating practically everything last year, and because there was no easy solution, all planting will now be done in containers located at parishioner’s homes. Once produce has ripened enough for eating, it will be delivered where needed. A notice was sent to the parish asking for volunteers to become container gardeners.

BUILDINGS & GROUNDS: Kim said many projects were discussed at a recent committee meeting. Bill Ferrato and Brian Horath replaced both the damaged window in the conference room and fascia board in the rectory. Church curb appeal was addressed and it was suggested that the landscaper that is used for the Cemetery be hired to take care of badly needed spring cleanup for the church lawn and garden beds. “Parishioner help” is not as available as in past years, so hiring people is becoming necessary. Other projects, such as the rectory kitchen, drywell for the water-drainage problem in the Cemetery and replace- ment of the tower are actively being addressed and/or are awaiting further estimates.

Church Picnic ~
June 3;
Vestry Retreat (tentative date) ~ Aug. 18;
Fall Fair ~ Sept. 22;
St. Margaret’s 55th Anniversary ~ Dec. 8

Highlights of the APRIL 2018, Meeting 

Feeding Program – We will go forward with plans to start an outreach meal program once a month at the Senior Center located at Shepherd Hill Apartments in Plainview. Parish volunteers will be needed to help.

Buildings & Grounds – Estimates are still being gathered for the renovation of the Rectory kitchen. Installing a drywell at a low point in the Cemetery is being looked into to remedy the flooding problem. The church needs a good interior cleaning in hard- to-reach areas and this is being looked into.

Cemetery Treasurer Nancy R. will be transitioning away from the role of cemetery treasurer after devoting many years as treasurer; Christine K. agreed to take over this job.

Priests’ Pictures – Framed pictures of our past priests will once again be placed in the hallway between the nave and sacristy.

Fr. Isaias will attend a continuing education/ retreat in Alabama May 1 to 7.

Highlights of the Feb. 13, 2018, Vestry Meeting

  • Easter Cantata: Arrangements are being made for a group of church musicians, who perform at a Korean church in Huntington, to perform at a community event at St. Margaret’s with an orchestra and choir on March 10. Free admission.
  • Buildings and Grounds: Our church phone system has been difficult to re-program. The next step will be to purchase a new system and arrange for it to be installed.
  • Holy Week Services: Isaias made up the schedule and service assistants will be placed according to need and availability.
  • Fr. Isaias’ Upcoming Schedule: This will be posted on the bulletin board in the Narthex. It will cover the next several months.
  • 2018 Diocesan Convention: Jacqui Poarch will be our delegate, and Barbara H. will be the alternate.
  • 2018 Fall Fair: The date will be Sept. 22.



January 2018 Meeting

  • An up-to-date Parish Contact List is being emailed to parishioners. It will also be made available for the asking to those who do not use email.
  • A list of 2018 Vestry Committees is being compiled and will be posted on the Narthex bulletin board.
  • The search continues for a Part-time Cemetery Administrator.
  • A listing of Diocesan Activities will be posted on the Narthex bulletin board to keep parishioners aware of activities taking place in our Diocese.
  • A List of Parish Activities for 2018 will be posted shortly.
  • Lastly, the Parish Profile from 2010 will be worked on in the near future to bring it up to date.