Vestry Meeting Highlights


Vestry Nomination(s) will be presented and voting will take place at the Annual Meeting on Dec. 3. It was decided to downsize the number of Vestry members from 11 to 9 because parish membership has decreased in the past few years.

Our Stewardship Drive has drawn to a close, and it is noted that a number of completed blue pledge cards still remain outstanding. It is hoped these pledge cards will be submitted before the close of 2017 so that expenses as outlined for 2018 can be met.

A new contractor will handle parking-lot snow plowing this winter. Will Shaw will again take care of the entrance walkways.

Parish Christmas Party will be held Dec. 29 at the rectory. Further details will appear on the bulletin board closer to the date.

Fr. Isaias, Kim Irvine and Fal Gibson attended Diocesan Convention. They reported emphasis will be put on reaching out and becoming more involved in the needs of surrounding communities. New ministries are being formed within the diocese, immigration is being addressed and the diocese has voted to be a sanctuary for DACA which will include churches becoming sanctuary churches where needed.




Vestry Nominations were further discussed and due to the change in size of our congregation over the years, it seemed reasonable to downsize the Vestry from two (2) wardens and nine (9) members to two (2) wardens and seven (7) members. Our church by-laws will be revised accordingly. The nomination slate will be finalized and presented at the November Vestry meeting.

The Stewardship Drive is in full swing, with letters having been mailed out. An invitation to take this “Journey to Generosity” can be found on the Narthex bulletin board. The Ingathering will take place on Nov. 5 during both Sunday services.

Parking Lot Center Island planting plans are in place for Oct. 16. Upon reading this article, you probably already have seen how beautiful it looks!

A Christmas Party at the rectory will be on Friday, Dec. 29.




Special Presentation: Paul Smitelli presented specs for his Eagle Scout project to the Vestry. Paul has been consulting with Will Shaw concerning his project, which consists of constructing a gate at the entrance to the heavy truck road leading to the Cemetery (west side of parking lot, near shed area). Following a question and answer session, preapproval by the Vestry was given to Paul and he will now proceed with further research before actual construction starts.

Buildings & Grounds: Our stained glass windows need repair. After researching companies, we voted to hire Somers, the company that installed the windows originally, to do the repairs. We are looking for a company to do a new survey of our church property. The survey will help guide plans to improve our curb appeal and visibility for worship, events and activities. We’re still searching for an appropriate and cost-effective double-sided LED sign. Landscaping of the center island in the parking lot will take place soon.

Safe Church: We’ll host a Safe Church seminar. Further information for parishioners will be coming shortly.



Clergy Plan: We discussed long-term clergy needs and possibly forming a search committee. The shared-ministry plan with Good Shepherd Lutheran Church could still be an option. We agreed to take a leap of faith and make a decision. After further discussion, a motion was made, and approved, to hire Fr. Isaias Ginson as “part-time Priest-in-Charge” for one year. If he accepts, details will be worked out and a contract signed.

Confirmation: Final plans were discussed concerning Bishop Wolf’s visit for the May 7 Confirmation. A short reception will follow the service, and then Bishop Wolf will meet briefly with the Vestry and will review and sign the record books.

Steeple Committee: A committee will be formed to get plans underway to design and replace the former steeple. If any parishioners are interested in being on this committee, speak with one of the wardens.       



Confirmation: Bishop Geralyn Wolfe will be officiating at Confirmations on Sunday, May 7, 2017 at St. Margaret’s Church.

Clergy Search: The Vestry is working very hard to keep moving forward. Fr. Isaias Ginson joined the Vestry for about an hour at the March 13th meeting. This was planned so that Fr. Ginson and the Vestry could get to know more about each other. Fr. Ginson emphasized the importance for SMC to be a presence in the community, but of course it is obvious that not having a rector, our presence has suffered.

Buildings & Grounds Committee: A meeting was held and approximately 35 items were identified as needing attention. Items will be prioritized and worked on as expeditiously as possible. One item was the broken water faucet in the Undercroft kitchen and it is to be noted that this is now repaired. The Bell Tower is on “the list” but is not considered a priority right now.

Little League Team: We will be given a schedule and all parishioners are strongly encouraged to attend some of the games, not only as a show of support for the team but as a show of St. Margaret’s presence in the Plainview-Old Bethpage community.