Welcome, Fr. Isaias!

On Easter Sunday we received some news that I think we were all hoping for. Father Isaias will spend the next year as our priest! I know he will help lead us spiritually and physically into St. Margaret’s next chapter.

When I look around at all of the people sitting in the pews on Sunday mornings completely captivated by Father Isaias’ sermons, it makes me so happy to know that he will be our priest and we will get to feel touched by God through him for at LEAST another year.

I also noticed how when he gives everyone the Body of Christ, he lightly presses it into the palm of your hand. I think this is beautiful in its own way because it’s as if he’s ensuring that the Body of Christ is with us and to make sure we know that we have become worthy to receive it. This is just one of the things that makes Father Isaias special and makes us all feel God through him.

The first time I met him was at the Shrove Tuesday pancake races. He jumped right into the race and chose the hot-pink straw hat! This showed us all from the beginning that he was not only fun, but willing to participate in our events.

At the Good Friday service, he incorporated his own touch by weaving a mini service in-between the readings. Also, instead of just having the Stations of the Cross readings, he added a real-life perspective about world hunger and poverty to the mix, which I think was unique. And so, I think we can all agree that we are so excited to have Father Isaias as our new priest. I truly think that he will help us learn, lead and grow as a church and as servants of God.

~ Grace Hoenscheid