"How is church relevant to my life?" asks a 7th grader.

Just last week I was posed with a question from my son about why he had to go to Sunday School that morning but his brother didn’t. Being that I was teaching that week, I was a little offended, but beyond that, it kind of stopped me in my tracks. Sunday School is so important to me ... have I not done a good job passing that on to my children?

So I asked, “Why, don’t you like going?” And the response was, “I do, but I just don’t know what it adds to my everyday life.” Ah-ha! There it is ... the conditioned 7th-grade response to anything with the word “school” in the title. This is the same response that I get when math homework gets a little bit tricky. At this age, they feel it is a good argument to get out of doing what mom wants.

In the end, it actually sparked a very nice conversation between us about our daily lives and living them the way Jesus wants us to and how we learn about that. Sunday School being a good start! We talked about the Bible stories we explore in Sunday School but also about church service. It led me to talk about what I believe, why I feel it is important to go to church, and about some of the things that are read during church service. That this is, in part, how we show God that we care and should be thinking about what we are reading and how we measure up to our promises. I talked about the importance of our church community, to surround ourselves with people like that and be a part of the good work that we do for others.

That day, after Sunday School class, we headed up to church service and I noticed that my son was speaking up a little louder during the Prayers of the People, Psalms and Nicene Creed. Wow! I was beaming that our conversation had an impact on him.

I share this story in hopes that anyone reading it will see how Sunday School is a foundation but we are all teachers as parents and church members! As a parent, I feel that Sunday School is a way to give our kids the opportunity to learn about God, Jesus and even our church family. I know that there are many conflicts on the calendar that compete with time for Sunday School, but that is ok. Please come join us when you can ... and when you can’t, have your own conversations with your kids about what you believe and keep the learning going!

 ~ Christine K.