St. Margaret's 2014 Holiday Drive provided for the needs of 11 families

In 2013, St. Margaret's raised over $2,500 for the annual holiday drive. With an additional $1,000 donation from Bishop Provenzano, we were able to help nine families. With the economy in 2014 still tough for many people, the number of families in need increased to 11. We weren't sure we should take on this many, especially without the bishop's donation this year. But with the firm belief that God will provide, we proceeded to collect whatever money we could and hoped to fulfill some of the specific requests from three of the families. This was a tremendous thing to ask of our small but faithful congregation. We had faith and prayed to God for a miracle. Kim Irvine, with her creative talents, made up a beautiful fireplace sign-up sheet with requests for parishioners to shop for individual items. For four Sundays in a row, we made an appeal to please give what you could.

I am so deeply grateful - and still quite astounded to announce that we collected monetary donations of over $5,000! In addition, our parishioners also purchased every single wish list item requested. We can't thank each and every one of you enough for your generosity of both your treasure and your time in shopping for these families. For the first time, I had the honor and privilege this year to actually present the gift packages on Wednesday, Dec. 17, at the POBJFK HS, along with Debbie and Mother Jennifer. In attendance were the school principal, James Murray, the HS social worker, Betty Ianotti, another social worker from the elementary schools, and several of the guidance counselor staff who have helped coordinate this drive. When all the gift packages were brought into the principal's office, the group just stared for a minute in disbelief at how much St. Margaret's was giving to these families. I was so proud to stand there - knowing that we had lived into Jesus' message to reach out and help our brothers and sisters. The warm feeling I had that day will carry me through this season and I need no other gift. We just received the following note from the principal of one of the elementary schools. 


My name is Paulette Miller and I am the Principal of Pasadena Elementary School in Plainview. This morning, the mother of Family #7 picked up the gifts that your pari-shioners so generously provided for the family. I wish I had taken a picture of the mother’s face to send you. Her face showed the genuine surprise and gratitude she felt. She and her young children will have a wonderful Christmas thanks to your efforts. From the bottom of my heart – Thank you for giving a deserving family a blessed Christmas.

Paulette Miller


A heartfelt thanks to all of you, and may God Bless! from St. Margaret‟s Outreach Committee.