“ But seek first God’s kingdom and God’s righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” (Matthew 6:33)





Generosity does transform our community, our church and each of us. When we give from the heart and are financially generous, it is empowering to know that our resources are going to important programs within our parish and help to transform the wider community, as well.

“Transforming Generosity” might also mean that we can reimagine what generosity looks and feels like. There is no question that God calls upon us to be financially generous. But we are also called to be generous in the way we welcome each other and newcomers to St. Margaret’s; in the way we care for the planet; in the way we forgive those who have offended us; and in the way we tend to the grounds and buildings on St. Margaret’s beautiful campus.

This year’s pledge drive is about more than our parish budget. It is about how we transform generosity and allow generosity to transform us. I believe our lives can be changed through this work.

Please prayerfully consider how much you will be able to pledge to St. Margaret’s in 2019. Your pledge is a faithful response to all we have received from God and from this parish family. It is not too late to request pledge cards for the year ahead.

Let’s work together to transform generosity in our church, our community and our lives. I’m grateful to be part of the St. Margaret’s family.