Sexton, Groundskeeping and Cleaning duties are realigned to accommodate growth.

Since the formation of the Cemetery at St. Margaret’s Church, the demand for plots, burials, and cremations has grown, and, therefore, the workload involved for all employees has increased. This means that the duties of groundskeeper have expanded. Also, at the same time the workload is increasing, the Diocese instituted a new policy where employees working full-time at any church are entitled to receive pension benefits.   

In the past, the titles and duties of sexton and groundskeeper were held by one person. In order to maintain a more efficient system, and to keep all employees on a part-time basis, the Vestry decided to separate the job duties of Sexton, Cleaning, and Groundskeeper. Effective March 2014, the groundskeeping duties will remain with Will Shaw, who will also be resuming some sexton duties. However, the cleaning of the church and offices will now be handled by a cleaning service. Our new service is run by Doug and Anna. Many of you may know Doug and Anna and may have seen them at events at the church. They work with the Gibson family and were highly recommended by Derek. They are already working very hard trying to keep up with the regular cleaning work, as well as the dust and debris brought about by the construction. We look forward to a positive working relationship with them. If you see Doug or Anna on campus, please be sure to greet them and welcome them to the St. Margaret’s team.