Pre-planning for the future is important.

With fall rapidly approaching, I find myself starting to clean out the clutter and paperwork that seems to pile up so quickly. I like to have my home files neat and tidy, similar to how I like my life to be in good order as well.

  • How are things ordered in your life?
  • Have you started pre-planning and researching for your final resting place?
  • Does your family know what your wishes are concerning your future interment?

It is never too early to initiate a discussion with your loved ones about these end-of-life issues. I am happy to speak with you about the options available here in our beautiful St. Margaret’s Cemetery. Together, we can pre-plan your future needsand lessen the stress for your family members. Drop by or make an appointment! If you have already purchased a plot at St. Margaret’s, be sure to recommend us to your friends.

 ~ Debbie McGee