Stepping Forward

You are never too old to challenge yourself at St. Margaret’s. It is not a com-fortable feeling at first and often it’s a bit scary, but I can tell you without reservation it’s totally worth it. What could I be speaking about? Well, it’s the choir of course! I just completed my first full choir year. 

Let me back up a bit. I have never participated in a chorus, could not read music, and have even been known to throw off street singers by my singing off-key. I was truly an unlikely candidate for a choir. Therefore, when it came to me in prayer one December day while looking for a worthy New Year’s resolution, I laughed. Surely our church would not want such rank beginner. All I could offer was my love of music and my loud, untrained voice. 

Susan Isherwood, our Director of Music, is excellent. Our choir rehearsals resemble a historic one-room classroom where each member is challenged regardless of ability. Jackie Poarch, a professional soprano, is our newest member and has taken the group to new heights — or, should I say, octaves. Our wardens, Dan and Kim, are incredibly talented singers, and we have yet to find a hymn that Mary Douglas does not know. Ayla’s voice has truly blossomed this year under Susan’s tutelage as you no doubt heard on Confirmation Sunday. Various other singers come and go as the year progresses. Somehow every Sunday Susan finds the right music, corrals us together and uses our different talents to present a musical gift to the Lord. It is truly beautiful and touching. I have been a parishioner here for over 25 years, but since joining the choir, the Sunday service has taken on a new and deeper meaning for me.

I look forward to September when we pick up where we left off. I am still learning how to read music and am practicing the warm-up lessons I have learned. There is room here for you as well. I am a living testament that anyone with real desire to sing and a willingness to try can contribute. I still can’t believe I did it!

~ Janet S.