The spirit of community comes to the Undercroft

This past month I have been working with a small team to formalize plans for decorating our “Undercroft Project” spaces – some in the Undercroft, some in the Narthex, and some in the Office area. More details can be found about that work in the MMR Update this month.

One of the pieces of that work is preparing framed photos of parishioners to be displayed in the Undercroft – a way of showcasing the life and ministry of our parish. As I have been selecting photographs and putting them into frames, a tremendous sense of love has overwhelmed me. As I placed each photo, I was able to thank God for the gifts that each of you brings to this community. And as I stepped back to take in the photos as a whole, all I could think about is how beautiful St. Margaret’s is. We are a beautiful community of people doing tremendous work in the name of God. We are a beautiful community of people learning, loving, and laughing together. We are a beautiful community of people with whom God is well-pleased.

As I completed that portion of the work and thought about all the emotions that were stirred in me, I realized the work is a love letter – a love letter from me to you. When the Undercroft decorations are complete, I hope you will be able to see how that love letter affirms all that is beautiful in this community, all that inspires in this community, and all that is pleasing in this community. Like any community, we are not perfect. But when all the little bits of goodness are gathered together, you really can see the ways in which we are a beloved community of God.

Now I am sure each of you will have opinions about the decorating choices. We can never please everyone, and trying would be foolish. But I hope you can look past the parts that are displeasing and see the new space for what it is – an attempt to celebrate all that is good in this place, and all that glorifies God in this place. It has been a tremendous gift to me to be reminded, through your beautiful faces, laughs, and smiles, of just how blessed we all are to have St. Margaret’s. All my love to you!

Christ’s Peace,

~ The Rev. Jennifer Andrews-Weckerly