"Church is one of the rare places left in life where people of multiple generations gather and find life and support."

This past month I stumbled across a story about a preschool that opened inside of a nursing home. The Intergenerational Learning Center located inside Mount St. Vincent Nursing Home in Seattle, Washington, boasts 400 adults in the assisted-living center who join the kids in daily activities of music, dancing, storytelling, and visiting. The idea is that the “children learn from their elders and are nurtured by the adults while the invigorated seniors get a new sense of purpose and well-being from the playful tots.” A video about the program can be found at

One of the things that I love about church is that the same magic present in that preschool and nursing home is also found in church. Church is one of the rare places left in life where people of multiple generations gather and find life and support. I see it every week as our older parishioners and youngest parishioners exchange smiles and stories. I see it as our older parishioners mentor our young parents. I see it as my own children are passed around the parish and know parishioners by name.

That magic is all over our calendar this month. In July, we will celebrate an infant baptism, the first communion of one of our elementary students, and the second edition of our Lunch Bunch – a gathering of mostly retirees. We will also gather at Plainview Reformed Church to make sandwiches for the INN – one of the most intergenerational activities that we do as a church; one that spiritually feeds us while physically feeding our neighbors. St. Margaret’s is a place where all have a place – old and young, partnered and single, lonely and overscheduled, joyful and sorrowful. We do not just talk about all being welcome – we live it every day.

If you have not been to church recently, come join us and share in the magic of St. Margaret’s. If you have been wondering about whether that friend or neighbor will fit in at St. Margaret’s, know that there is a place for them. All are welcome – really!

In Christ,

~The Rev. Jennifer Andrews-Weckerly