PB&J OUTREACH - WED., NOV. 15 at 7 pm


As we all know, the month of November includes a special day set aside for us to give thanks for all we have been given by God. Thanksgiving Day is also a celebration of family, friends and a fine feast of food for all. But Thanksgiving Day can also be a sad time for those in our community who suffer financial hardship and do not have the means to have a good, healthy meal. Fortunately, St. Margaret’s is always working to feed the less fortunate and this month, you can help us in the following three ways:

PB&J OUTREACH EVENT – Wed., Nov. 15 at 7 p.m.

Every other month, a dedicated group of St. Margaret’s scoopers and spreaders meet at Plainview Reformed Church on Old Bethpage Road in Plainview to help make 500 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to be served at the INN in Hempstead. The Interfaith Nutritional Network (INN) serves 5,000 meals per week at 14 locations across Long Island. These sandwiches are a nutritional extra – or sometimes the only meal – that Hempstead clients get for that day. We would love to have more parishioners join our faithful group this month. If we get a good showing of volunteers, we can get the job done in 45 minutes. It’s an easy and fun activity plus a very worthy way to help the hungry. All ages are welcome!