How do you speak about St. Margaret's?

Did you know that each one of us is a parish communicator? How we speak to and about one another, how we speak about our parish and our community to our families, friends and neighbors, and how we witness about our faith all communicate a message.

The recent Parish Communicator Day at the diocese touched on the vital ways we reach out to others. For some, it is through personal relationships and phone calls. For others, it is on email, Facebook and social media. There is plenty of room for all types of positive communication.

So here’s the question: How do you speak about St. Margaret’s? Is there something you’d like to share? Do you have photos, reflections or personal stories that help shine the light on the goodness, struggles and hopes of our parish and our people, or on the role faith plays in your life? If you have ideas about how our overall media outreach and communication could be improved, or would like to help do it, please contact Barbara Hagan. There are so many good ways to tell the story of how we as a parish care, support and shepherd each other on our journey. Let’s hear your ideas!