I feel blessed every day to know that The Cazale Cultural Community Center in Haiti has accomplished much in its first year of existence, changing the lives of many children and their families. The community has been invigorated by the mere existence of the center the future of the children who attend shines a little brighter each day.The support that the center is providing is amazing, and I am grateful to all of you and on behalf of those children and their families, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.With your generous help, we were able to get the after- school program off the ground, and soon after we started extra-curricular activities, and last summer we instituted our first annual summer camp.

We have taken a leap of faith and started several new initiatives in our second year as we continue to march forward. In addition to the tutoring assistance that the after-school program provides to local students, the CCCC members voted to start a free snacks program for its participants this past September. We also added a music program thanks to the generous donation of a significant number of diverse instruments, including guitars, clarinets, trumpets, trombones and flutes. And no less important, we now have an indoor working bathroom.

This past January we organized a fundraising banquetat Chez Mirelle’s Restaurant in Westbury, hoping to raise funds to keep the above programs alive. When I found out that St. Margaret would be hosting “Dining Side-by- Side,” that same Sunday, I thought about postponing the event, but we decided to keep the date since the event was already booked and a deposit was made.

I was thrilled to see Christie and Janet at the fundraiser; my heart beat a bit faster knowing that my church family was there to support me. And despite the predicted bad weather, God had other plans for us; the weather held up, and the event was a success.

We could not have achieved so much in such a short period without your generosity, support and, most importantly, your prayers.

Thank you!