Our annual Holiday Outreach Drive is underway!


St. Margaret’s Church is now in our 7th year of working with the Plainview/Old Bethpage community by collecting financial donations to help needy families in the POB school district. This year, we continue that tradition and ask for your generous financial support once again for our annual Holiday Drive for Local Needy Families. We will be requesting financial donations on Sunday, Dec. 3 (annual meeting) and Sunday, Dec. 10 – which will be used to purchase gift cards for food, gas, and at some local stores like Target, Sears and Walmart as well as for some specific requested gifts. Someone will be at the back of the church at the end of each service to collect your donations in cash or a check made payable to St. Margaret’s Church with “Holiday Outreach” in the memo.

A list of 10 families was pulled together by the high school social worker and her teams at the two middle schools and all the elementary schools. We will be telling you about some of these family’s situations each Sunday as we ask for donations. We will also have a sign-up sheet in the narthex for specific gifts that are being requested outside of the gift cards that we will purchase with your financial donations.

Following is just a sample of two of the families we are looking to help:

Family #2 is the “A” Family. One of the three children lives in a group home, but visits with the family on a regular basis. The oldest son is 8 years old and loves sports and video games. The middle child, a 7-year-old boy, is severely disabled. He needs a winter coat (size 8) and likes to play with toys that provide light and sound output. The youngest child is a 1-year-old girl who also needs a winter coat and toys that are developmentally appropriate for a 1 year old. The family would benefit from gift cards to ShopRite, Walmart, Target and a gas station. They are so appreciative and forever grateful for this assistance.

Family #6 is the “G” Family. This family consists of a single mother, working part-time while in school to be a nurse. There is a 10th grade boy and a 12th grade girl still working through the divorce of their parents. Additionally, their grandmother is in hospice care at the moment. They are so appreciative of the support of St. Margaret’s and would benefit greatly from gift cards to Target, Walmart, Kohl’s and ShopRite.

There are eight other families – each experiencing some difficulty and a sense of hopelessness around the holidays. So please help us give a Christmas miracle to each one of these families!

Thank you and God Bless You All for Your Continued Generosity!

~The St. Margaret’s Outreach Committee





Our annual Holiday Outreach Drive begins later this month. Each year we solicit financial donations to help local needy families.

The high school social worker will soon be sending us a list of the needy families from the Plainview/Old Bethpage area. Please help us give them a generous “gift of hope” bag containing gift cards for food, gas and some local retail stores. These families are either single-parent homes or ones that have suffered a major setback such as the illness or death of a parent or the loss of employment. Last year, through your amazing generosity, we collected over $4,000, which helped 10 families in our community have a brighter holiday.

Our school district has been overwhelmed by the generosity of St. Margaret’s year after year, and we hope to bring a Christmas miracle to them again! Please bring your checks (payable to St. Margaret’s Church - with “Holiday Outreach” in the memo area) to church on any of the following Sundays:

            – Nov. 26         
            – Dec. 3 (the Annual Meeting) and        
            – Dec. 10

God Bless You All For Your Continued Generosity!

~ Dan McGee