We’re adjusting to a small choir and are doing our best to offer anthems when we can. Please have patience and think about joining us, as Soledad and Nounouche have done! We meet at 8 p.m. on Thursday evenings to learn some hymns and a little about singing technique. We will keep building. We will be having some very special music for Christmas Eve at both services and hope you will join us. What a wonderful time of the year. Welcome, Advent!

 ~ Susan



Are you unfamiliar with some of the hymns you hear on Sunday morning? The congregation is invited to join me Thursdays at 8:15 p.m. to go over songs we plan to sing the coming Sunday at 10 a.m. Relax, have fun, and just bring a willingness to learn (okay, bringing a friend would help, too). You don’t need to be an expert singer — just bring a good attitude and together we can help our congregation make a joyful noise. Let me know if you are interested!

 ~ Susan


Choir practice will be starting up on Thursday, Sept. 19.We have some building to do this year, recruiting members and, especially, male voices. Please think about joining us; we’re a fun bunch! Christmas will be upon us before we know it.

Hymn selection over the summer was satisfactory, I hope. I had a strange vacation schedule this summer. Instead of sequential weeks, it was two off, two on. I always hope for the best when we have substitute organists/pianists. I understand there was a talented young person who played for us. That is exciting as most of us started our musical path in just that way. I played my first church service when I was 13, I still have the bulletin! I’m looking forward to an enjoyable music year.

 ~ Susan


Big thanks go out to our choir members for their commitment and dedication to the music ministry here at St. Margaret’s. I hope you’ll extend your appreciation as well to Mary, Janet S., Kim, Ayla, Jacquelyn Poarch and Dan. How many Sundays would they have preferred to sleep in? How many Thursday evenings did they rush to church after work, often missing supper in order to attend rehearsal? I am awed at this level of commitment and love for St. Margaret’s.

We welcomed a newcomer to our choir, Peter, and pray he is able to continue with us in the coming year. As always, I invite anyone interested in sung worship to visit a rehearsal on Thursdays at 8:15 p.m.  

In my 40 years as a church musician in various denomin-ations, I have seen many types of worship. A constant in all worship services are the moments of quiet and prayer found during the liturgy and communal prayers.

I would gently remind you all that the time before the service, “Prelude” time, is a quiet time for meditation and prayer, and many who enter the church are looking for this quiet time. Please hold conversations until after the service; we do have wonderful fellowship after church.

Have a great summer and I hope to see you all in September when choir will start up once again.

~ Susan Isherwood, Director of Music