We now have teams of Eucharistic Visitors


Every day throughout the entire year, a Eucharistic feast is taking place somewhere in the world wherever two or three are gathered.

In January, I joined Barbara A., Lois, Kathleen, Barbara F., June and others in the diocese for a Lay Eucharistic Visitors class at the Mercer School of Theology. We were surprised to find out our teacher would be none other than Bishop Provenzano! The day also included a required course on Safe Church Training.

In our diocese, LEVs are trained to visit parishioners who are unable to attend church for various reasons including hospitalization, being in rehab or nursing homes, or being homebound. But no matter where parishioners are, they are always part of the church family. So, when circumstances dictate that we can’t gather together at the altar, we bring the Lord’s Supper to our members.

Our six new Lay Eucharistic Visitors have formed teams with Jane, Anton and Barbara H., who previously took the course, and we plan begin visitations this month. Fr. Isaias, of course, is available as needed.

As a new parishioner here, I am happy to already be part of this awesome and loving community at St. Margaret’s. I look forward to being of service as a Lay Eucharistic Visitor.

 ~ Rozario C. Devaraj