A dedicated group will pray for you and your needs. Please see Loretta or leave your request in the prayer box. Confidentiality is maintained.

Intercession for others allows you to be a channel of God’s caring love. Numerous studies have shown that people who are prayed for by others heal more quickly than those for whom no one is praying. This in no way diminishes the importance of the medical practices of doctors and counselors, but the ministry of prayer adds the spiritual dimension to the process of healing.

In the name of Jesus, our healer and source of all hope, let us pray

  • For Fr. Isaias, our priest, and Christie, his wife; for Bishop Provenzano;
  • For our wardens, vestry, staff, lay leaders and all parishioners, past and present;
  • For the ongoing health needs of Nancy, Christine, Lorraine B., Jim, Luke, Marshall, Chet, Lorraine, George and Kathleen;
  • For those who live alone, and those whose needs are known to God alone;
  • For those we love and see no more, especially Nathalie Plummer;
  • For the men and women protecting us as they serve in the military, especially James, Keith, Owen, Matt, Sean and Matthew;
  • For those affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria;
  • For our nation’s unity, safety and direction under President Donald J. Trump, his advisers, cabinet members and all in government;
  • For peace throughout the world;
  • For those who have no one to love them enough to pray for them. Wherever and whoever they are, give them a share of our blessings, and in thy love let them know that they are not forgotten;
  • For your own special intentions.

Lord, we pray with grateful hearts,

Thank you for always providing hope and healing to those in need.
Thank you for always restoring our lives to greater wholeness.
Thank you for giving us a future that is full of hope.

The amazing thing about prayer is that God is always there, even before we think of praying …

“Before they call I will answer,
while they are yet speaking I will hear”
(Isa. 65:24)

 ~ Loretta S. for the Intercessory Prayer Group