As we enter this month of Thanksgiving may our hearts embrace the blessings bestowed upon us throughout this year.


In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit … 

  • Pray for Fr. Isaias and Christie, parishioners, staff and ministries;
  • Pray for the Diocese of Long Island, and all houses of worship in our community;
  • Pray for the health needs and well-being of Ron, Edith, Lorraine, Eileen, Christine, Kathleen, and for their families and caregivers;
  • Pray for James, Keith, Owen, Matthew, Sean, Ryan, Shelby and Scott and their families, and for all men and women protecting us as they serve in the military;
  • Pray for America’s leaders and for peace in the world;
  • Pray for the young and the aged, the homeless and the hungry, all whose lives were lost or injured in natural disasters or senseless acts of violence, and for their grieving loved ones;
  • Pray for the repose of the souls of all whom we love and see no more;
  • Pray for all whose needs are known to God alone, and for your own special intentions.

May we never underestimate the power of prayer - it is the lifeline to our ever-living and ever-loving God.

 ~ Loretta S.

(If you have a prayer request, please fill out the Blue Prayer Request Cardavailable in the tract rack located in the Narthex. You can leave it in the box provided, or give it to me or Fr. Isaias.