A dedicated group will pray for you and your needs. Please see Loretta or leave your request in the prayer box. Confidentiality is maintained.


May God’s blessings of healing and peace comfort all within St. Margaret’s, all we hold within our hearts, and those we now pray for …

  • Our wardens and vestry, staff and lay leaders, and all past and present parishioners;
  • Our clergy, Isaias, our bishops, Lawrence and Geralyn, and for the ongoing needs of St. Margaret’s and our Diocese;
  • Our Confirmands, Charles Blyman, Grace and Hunter Hoenscheid, Ayla Irvine, Alexandria LaMarsh, Nicholas Meyer, Paul Smitelli
  • The health and wellbeing of Christine, Bob, Jim B., Lorraine & George, Mary, Ayla, Kathleen, Chet B., Marshall, and those whose needs are known to God alone;
  • Those we love and see no more;
  • The men and women protecting us as they serve in the military, especially James P., Keith, Owen, Sean, James B. and Matt;
  • Our nation’s unity, safety and direction under President Donald J. Trump, his advisers, cabinet members, and all in government;
  • World peace;
  • Your own special intentions.

Risen and living Lord, we stand in awe
before the mystery of Your resurrection.
Give us the gift of wonder and reverence
as we contemplate Your love for us.
Help us to see Your glory in the empty tomb.

Alleluia. Christ is risen.
The Lord is risen indeed. Alleluia.

~ Loretta Sawicki for the Intercessory Prayer Group