LORD, you know our cares and our fears, for ourselves and others. Help us to turn them all over to you. Give us peace in our souls and minds so that we may go forward in confidence and faith, to do your will, in your name, especially remembering those for whom we now pray …

  • Isaias and Christie; our warden, vestry, staff, lay leaders and all parishioners, past and present;
  • The Diocese and Clergy of Long Island;
  • In thanksgiving for the birth of William Robert, son of Samantha & Billy, grandson of Barbara & Bill;
  • The ongoing health needs of Brian, Josie, Judy, Edith, Theresa, Fr. Jim Warnke, Tomoko, Hyacinthe, Patsy, Lorraine, Eileen, Kathleen, Danielle, Marissa, their families and caregivers;
  • Those who live alone, and those whose needs are known to God alone;
  • Those we love and see no more;
  • The men and women who are protecting us as they serve in the military, especially James, Keith, Matthew, Sean, Shelby and Scott;
  • Those affected by terrorism, violence, natural disasters and wars at home and abroad;
  • America’s unity, safety and direction under the administration of President Donald J. Trump;
  • World peace;
  • The homeless who have no one to love them or take them in, that in Thy love they know they are not forgotten;
  • Your own special intentions.

May the dawning of Easter bring sunshine into these lives as we celebrate Our Risen Lord. Let us lift our hearts to God as we give thanks to the One whose steadfast love endures forever.

~ Loretta, for the Intercessory Prayer Group