As we write to you in mid-January, one would think spring is coming to North Carolina! The temperature is 68 degrees, under beautiful blue skies. The gardening crewmen are out spreading fresh pine-needle mulch around the crape myrtle trees and clearing away the pansy beds to expose their blue, yellow and white flowers. We were out in light jackets, even feeling too warm in them. That 4 or 5 inches of snow last weekend (Jan. 7) has all melted away now, after causing the cancellation of church services on Sunday and two snow days for closed schools — so much power in those snowflakes! It will be interesting to see just how much more winter weather we will have before spring really comes to stay this year!

Along with the balmy weather, we are happily anticipating meeting our new Interim Rector, the Rev. Cynthia Gorman, this Sunday (Jan. 15) at St. Patrick’s, Mooresville, N.C. She has recently finished a three-year Interim position in Michigan. And now she’s in North Carolina to shepherd us through our transition. Being from Michigan where winter is really winter, Mother Cynthia is probably smiling as she wonders why four inches of snow would have caused cancellation of all church services on what was to be her first Sunday at St. Patrick’s last weekend!

We will smile with her, remembering the snowstorms we experienced on Long Island.

 ~ Florence Brady & Steve Perrone