St. Margaret's is happy to share good news from the After-School Program in Cazale, Haiti

The Cazale Community and Cultural Center Is Thriving!


I’m happy to share with you that in the one month since our center opened, local school principals have already provided positive feedback about the CCCC After School Center – the children are arriving for school prepared! Our one-on-one tutors are really making a difference in precious young lives.

We’re also excited about our new “Rhythm in Dance” program. Fifteen children have begun connecting with rhythm through movement, dance and drumming. Christela, our dance instructor, oversees this program on Saturdays.

In late September, we hosted a wonderful artisan showcase to coincide with Fête St. Michel (Feast of St. Michael). It was a kaleidoscope display of handcrafted jewelry, handmade sandals, drums, woodworks and much more. The children took great pride guiding many visitors through the exhibits.

The 34 children who currently attend the after-school pro-gram are supervised by a staff of four people: the director, a certified teacher and two tutors. They are truly committed to the center and take the lead in proposing new programs to further the advancement of the community. Right now, we’re looking into adding a new artisan skills track for young adults. New programs must be scheduled for time periods that don’t interfere with our primary mission, which is mentoring and tutoring the children after school.

We’re committed to continuously improving the center. In addition to the Saturday dance curriculum, a snack program has been added, giving the children a quick bite to eat when they arrive at the center. On behalf of the staff and the children, I’m deeply thankful for your support!

~ Soledad Desruisseaux Jacques