Kids and Scouts go to summer camp in Haiti: a simple outreach offering yields 19 new friends

Dear friends of Saint Margaret, 

I very much appreciated your donation to the Scouts and youth of the Episcopal Church of Saint Andre (Saint Andrew) of Cazale, Haiti. You truly did a wonderful thing! Your generosity will directly benefit the youth of this small community in Haiti. Your gift has made summer camp more affordable for these kids. Thanks so much for all you've done for the youth of Cazale.

– Soledad Jacques

Background note: St. Margaret's Church celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014 with a Gala. Because we are "A Community of Faith, Seeking, Serving and Sharing," we wanted to share our blessings with others. As is our tradition, we set aside 10% of the profit from the event for outreach.

Parishioners Soledad and Gina told us of a need at their home parish, the Episcopal Church of Saint Andre (Saint Andrew) of Cazale, Haiti. As a result, a fine group of children and Scouts received financial support to attend summer camp. By the looks of the photo they sent with their greetings, the young people had a wonderful time! We are so glad to make 19 new friends, and hope to continue this wonderful relationship!