In the Beginning Was Love

Isn’t it interesting how relevant ancient thought can be in our own times? I especially appreciate how St. Augustine’s thinking resonates when we feel surrounded by negativity, conflict and social injustice. Augustine uses the idea of “weight” as a metaphor for the quality of our love and its effects.

He suggests that how we love and what we love becomes our center of gravity. If our loves are based on fears or wants, then their weight pulls us away from the Heart of the Beloved. If, however, our love is centered in God, then we are drawn “upward” toward our higher selves.

Building upon Augustine’s reflections, St. Bonaventure talked about God’s expansive goodness as the foun-dation of the universe, compelling its movement toward ever-greater love and consciousness. May your time this summer be filled with real communion with God through the natural world His love created.