A "Good and Faithful Servant" Retires

In recognition of more than 30 years of dedicated service as Administrator for St. Margaret’s Cemetery, Edith Alfieri was presented with a retirement gift and, on behalf of the Cemetery Committee, Lois Bisca shared fond reflections concerning Edith’s work over the years.

“Not everyone may realize that our long-time Cemetery Administrator Edith Alfieri retired in December. We plan to have a nice celebration in the near future, but didn’t want time to pass without recognizing the hard work and devotion Edith has put into St. Margaret’s Cemetery.

The words “good and faithful servant” seem very fitting. Edith has been committed to her work for the St. Margaret’s Cemetery for more than 30 years. Her unfailing dedication helped grow the cemetery to what it is today. She continuously went above and beyond, taking care to ensure that the Cemetery Office ran smoothly: all paperwork was handled in a timely and accurate manner; grave blankets, markers and candles were ordered; and mailings were sent out. For years, Edith even had the cemetery phone line ringing in her home so she could provide adequate coverage.

So many grieving families were comforted and helped by Edith as she assisted with burial arrangements. When families with loved ones in our cemetery attend Memorial Services at Christmas and Easter, they are always eager to see and speak with Edith – she is the face of St. Margaret’s Cemetery to so many people.

Edith, you should be so proud of the very important work you have done for St. Margaret’s over the years. Building a successful business and leaving a legacy are not easy things to accomplish, and you have done both. We are so grateful for you. Thank you and God Bless You, Edith!”