What I Like About St. Margaret’s

This is the first in a new series about life at St. Margaret's. This month, parishioners were asked to weigh in on “What I Like About St. Margaret’s.”

I love the picturesque church and grounds; the friendly members who approach newcomers, the sense that it’s a small parish but large in caring and looking out for all members; the effort to include everyone (active and non-active); the spiritual leaders during my time: Fr. Peter, Mother Jennifer, Fr. Woodrum and Deacon Anthony.        
~ Jeanneth Sangurima-Quiles

I love all of the worship, study, music groups, social activities, and other events I have participated in at St. Margaret’s, because they can be summarized as “community.” It is involvement in our community of faith in Jesus Christ that has helped me become who I am today. It is this community of faith that has helped to sustain each of us through the ups and downs of daily life, all in the assurance of the continuous presence and grace of God. Our parish motto of “Seeking, Serving, and Sharing” Christ is a wonderful summary of our parish life in community with one another.

~ Florence Brady

I love that people are so friendly toward me at church and at coffee hour. I love to visit with people and say hello. The members of St. Margaret’s are very special to me - Fr. Woodrum and Deacon Anthony, too. I wish I could get to church more often!

~ Lorraine Bain

I love Thursday morning Bible Study at St. Margaret’s. With reading and discussing scripture and sharing personal reflections, I feel more and more as though I'm doing spiritual calisthenics, in the same way as I approach a yoga session, engaging body, mind and spirit. We are never really finished, as the minutes literally fly by and we feed one another and are nourished by the Lord. The true gift is a greening faith, and the light in my heart is with me through the day, whether I'm in the garden or out and about.

~ Barbara Festa

I love the sense of community - within the church as well as in our wider community. I love how we all come out to support our own events and projects, whether it be the picnic, a potluck, flea market, etc.  For example, I was so glad that the Trunk-N-Treat event pulled in so many different members of our congregation, even those who did not bring children came to join the festivities, decorate their car trunks and make it a great event for our youth! Another example: I am so thankful for all the volunteer teachers we get for Sunday School! And I am so proud of the outreach work that we do outside of church. It is a HUGE opportunity for my children to learn to support others in need through fun activities such as tending the Garden of Eatin’, making PB&Js and shopping for Christmas gifts.
~ Christine Kott

Why have I been attending St. Margaret’s these 36 years? There are lots of very specific and unspecific reasons. It’s more than a good sermon, or a charismatic preacher. I love the shape of the Eucharist each week, the brothers and sisters in faith attending each service in community, the hymns we sing together, Bible Studies where participants are eager to expand their Bible lore and insist on having a good time doing it, singing in the choir and practicing and perfecting anthems such as “Followers of the Lamb” or “I’ll Fly Away” and the goose-bump excitement of sharing what we’ve learned with the congregation on a Sunday morning, helping an Altar Guild member change a frontal, annual Christmas parties, monthly Lunch Bunch gatherings, and weekly coffee hours – so many reasons.

To borrow a line from a Rogers and Hammerstein musical, “These are [some of] my favorite things …”(italics are mine) about St. Margaret’s Church that I will take with me when I move to North Carolina, and “cherish” (isn’t that the name of a moldy-oldie pop song?) in my heart always.

~ Steve Perrone

I love that St. Margaret’s encourages everyone to try something new. I was a first-time teacher and learned that David, Hunter, Gavin, Nicholas and William are intellectually curious, and totally willing to learn and participate; that co-teacher Barbara Festa not only serves a mighty good Passover Seder in class ... she also reads Hebrew prayers like a pro!

~ Barbara H.

I love the spirituality, loyalty, service, leadership, musical talent, teaching, guidance, and loving friendship … that Florence Brady and Steve Perrone have unselfishly given to our parish in their countless years here, truly sharing their joyful worship and love of Our Lord with all of us!

~ Loretta Sawicki