Our young people are gearing up for Confirmation.

Confirmation class has had another busy month! Each of the students was assigned a gospel and had to answer questions about how Jesus' birth and baptism are handled as well as the end of days. They also had to choose one parable and explain its significance and then share what “Good News” (gospel) they discovered that could be passed on to family and friends.

We reviewed the 10 commandments and discussed how they can be interpreted in different ways and the fact that the wisdom of these commandments is still very relevant today. Each student even got a Moses action figure to display in their room or put in their locker.

As we approached the season of Lent, we used historic artwork as visual aids, and learned about the three temptations of Jesus. Themes of Hunger, Ego and Materialism, in addition to the ways that we've all been tempted, led to lively discussion. All students were encouraged to give something up (social media? chocolate? soda?) and or take something on (such as offering random acts of kindness, coming to church each Sunday, praying every day) this Lenten season.