We're hear to help you ...

Thank you to everyone who regularly hosts coffee hour! Sunday Coffee Hours are a delightful way to spend about an hour or so with others you have worshipped with earlier that morning.

We need more hosts to come on board for the months of October, November and December: As of this writing, there are only two Sundays that have a host listed.  We need you! 

Being a host really takes very little effort …

  • Coffee and hot water are made ahead of time. You just need to bring milk and/or creamer for the coffee and tea;
  • A tray in the cabinet is stocked with sugar, sweeteners, teabags, stirrers, etc. Cutlery and napkins are in a caddy ready for the table;
  • All the plates, cups and paper goods you’ll need are stocked in the kitchen cabinets.
  • Food: Bring whatever you’d like for the buffet table. Here are some suggestions to pick from (especially if you haven’t hosted):
  • Coffee cake; donuts; cookies; bagels/rolls/breads w/spreads: butter, plain or flavored cream cheese, egg salad, jam or peanut butter; fruit; cheese and crackers. These are only suggestions – the fun of being a host is that you can bring and do whatever you want!
    Please check the sign-up sheet in the kitchen area on Sunday and pick a date or two that would be best for you to host.  Be assured, I will be more than happy to “work” alongside you if you’re unfamiliar with hosting.        
      ~ Loretta S.