Our teens had a fun chance to meet Bishop Lawrence Provenzano in a casual setting.

To kick off winter break, the confirmation class and a few special guests went to Garden City Lanes to bowl with Bishop Larry. Janet, Christine, Kim and I were the chaperones and I think we had as much fun as the kids!

Interestingly, the last time we went (2015), the girls were really bad bowlers. I mean really! This year, however, they were on fire. Nobody knows how this happened, but it was quite a turnaround. Prayer? Growth spurt? Who knows?

And there is now a whole new bowling technique fondly dubbed, “The Paulie.” Paul is a strong, athletic lad who can hurl a bowling ball with considerable might, yet when faced with the challenge of toppling a single pin, he chose to place the ball on the lane and gently roll it with both hands ever so slowly towards its victim. As we shook our heads, questioning the sanity of this move, we watched it move towards the pin at a snail's pace. You can imagine the shock and excitement when this nutty technique actually worked. He got a spare!

We took lots of photos and will be making a display for all to enjoy. I'm sure you'll see by the big smiles that this day of fellowship and fun will be remembered for many years to come!