Our first BLUE CHRISTMAS service was both meaningful and comforting.

Oh no, deadline time again for The Message – and it's falling on the last weekend before Christmas, no less. I, like everyone else, became caught up in the mad rush of the holidays. I knew I had to get some articles done and I also knew I had to get my house cleaned, but I was suddenly moved to drop everything and get over to St. Margaret's first BLUE CHRISTMAS service. Nothing else mattered once I was there. The peace and serenity gained from this short, but “beyond special” service, was exactly what only God knew I needed. Once back home, of course, I had to get articles ready for The Message, one of which would be the following excerpt that I had set aside a few weeks back with the thought of including it in The Message. When I read it again, this so fittingly tied in with the comforting prayers and readings and music I had just experienced at the wonderful BLUE CHRISTMAS SERVICE where we reflected with hope upon the coming of the Christ Child. Now I'm wondering, “Was all this a coincidence?”

“When I feel as though I’m sinking in the mire and morass of life, I find deep comfort in knowing that we have a God who is not overwhelmed by our cries of “Save me, O God.” Isn’t it oddly reassuring that just by voicing our pain, our frustration, and our helplessness, somehow life seems a little more manageable? I count that as grace. A grace that says even in the mundane and ordinary, God is there. And in the chaotic and catastrophic, God is there too, and in everything in between.”

(Quoted from FORWARD DAY by DAY -- which you can find in the tract rack in the Narthex)

With heartfelt gratitude to Mother Jennifer, Deacon Anthony, Steve Perrone, and Florence Brady for this special and meaningful worship experience,

- Loretta Sawicki