In July, I drove my sister-in-law Rosalie (Ro) to her monthly macular degeneration treatment at her retina specialist. Ro and I always finish our doctor appoint-ment date with a treat – lunch at the nearby Friendly’s. We took the elevator to the lobby level, and there I noticed a group of three woman: one using a walker, one in a wheelchair, and a third woman pushing the wheelchair. My sister-in-law uses a cane, so I, who turn 80 this month, seemed to be the most able-bodied person in sight (helped along by two fabulous knee replacements, I might add). I laughed, and said, “It looks like I’ll be the doorman today,” and held the door open for everyone to stream slowly past. 

For some reason I looked down, and saw that the woman pushing the walker was wearing a black leg brace. Feeling my job was only half done, I asked if I could push the wheelchair and help them to the car.

When we arrived, I said, “Isn’t it amazing how God puts people in our path at just the right time?” The woman with the brace turned to me and asked, “Can I give you a hug?” 

I said, “Of course, but only if you promise me one thing. Please tell someone how God worked in your life today.” To my surprise, the woman burst into tears and hugged me. Silently I prayed to Jesus, “Thank you for using me for your purpose today.”

If I had been carrying the old-fashioned United Thank Offering “Blue Box” in my car, I would have put in a quarter in it right then. Why? It wasn’t the usual thanksgiving for a mercy I received, rather it was in recognition of how grateful I was that an amazing, compassionate and generous God would choose me that day to be a blessing to someone else.

 ~ Jane Ames